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Tamaczar Productions

Living the History of the "Dark Corner"

About Us

Tamaczar Productions was established in the 1980's as a producer/director of stage productions, particularly for the Appalachian play, "Foxfire," and other historical dramas, including "The Belle of Amherst," based on the life of the American poet, Emily Dickinson.

The company's mission changed in the 1990's to a full-fledged promotion of all aspects of the history and future of Dark Corner, in an effort to counter the one prevailing reputation of the area--moonshine and mayhem. Dean Stuart Campbell, Tamazar Productions author, began a one-man promotional campaign to present a total concept of Dark Corner culture, pointing out both the richness of its history and the intrinsic scenic beauty of the region. For these efforts, Dean was dubbed "The Squire of Dark Corner" by the late Jim McAllister, columnist for The Greenville News.

James A. (Jim) Howard wrote his definitive book, "Dark Corner Heritage," with editing assistance and photos/illustrations by Dean. In the book's final chapter, the mantle of local historian of the Dark Corner was passed to Dean as the "Squire." This volume has been reprinted three times, but is currently out of print.

Dean published his "Eyes to the Hills--A Photographic Odyssey of the Dark Corner of South Carolina" in 1994 as an 8.5" x 11", full-color, coffee table presentation piece featuring 113 photographs and illustrations in 16 essays of historical and scenic significance from the region. A reprinting of the popular book was done in 2008.

In August, 2013, Dean published a limited edition of "Twice-told Tales of the Dark Corner," a 6" x 9", soft-cover volume, containing the first 72 Tales he has written and first published in the Tryon Daily Bulletin newspaper in Tryon, NC. Bound-in on the inside back cover of the volume in its first two printings was a CD of twelve Twice-sung Ballads of the Dark Corner, authentic, ambient-recorded old ballads sung without instruments, as they have been sung for hundreds of years by Scots-Irish and borderline England ancestors in this mountainous area. No CD is included in present reprintings.

In October, 2017, Dean published a limited edition of "The Rest of Dark Corner's Twice-told Tales," a 6" x 9", soft-cover volume, containing the final 78 Tales written and published in the Tryon Daily Bulletin. The book features larger print, requested by older readers who purchased the previous Tales volume.

[His present-day, personal website,, provides background on informal talks, scheduled presentations, documentary screenings, classroom curriculums and individual, family, small- or large-group guided tours of Dark Corner, which Dean has conducted. It also provides an easy way to contact him for scheduling any of these types of activities in the future.]

In August, 2008, a major, new, historically accurate documentary, The Dark Corner, was premiered at the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville and proved to be the most popular event since the grand opening of the museum in 2007. The documentary was produced by Dark Corner Films of Greenville. It is a different type of historical documentary. There is no narrator. The entire 92-minute presentation is told, on-camera, by 13 people who have intimate knowledge of, or have lived, the history of the area. These include the "Squire," other authors Mann Batson and Anne McCuen, archeological researcher Wes Breedlove, native residents Arnold Emery and Steve Hyder, former moonshiners and fish and wildlife personnel. Cutaway footages, photos or illustrations fill the screen as their facts and stories are being told. The documentary movie plus additional footages, which are not in the final movie, are available on DVD.

"Eyes to the Hills," "Twice-told Tales," "The Rest of Dark Corner's Twice-told Tales" and the Dark Corner documentary DVD are offered by Tamaczar Productions, along with a bibliography of other books about the area.

See Books and DVDs page or Contact Us.


Tamaczar Productions is located in historic Gowensville in the heart of the Dark Corner. Our mailing address is 300 Highway 11, Landrum SC 29356. Telephone (864) 906-3663 & Fax: (864) 468-4949.